movie poster of one of the show business's greatest offerings.

hand-carved in poplar


"STONED IN THE BASEMENT" BY SHELBY M. is a musical album. You will enjoy the hell out of it, it will relax you, it will create wonderful soundscapes in your mind in these troubled times. You deserve an audio vacation, and this is your trip. ONLY $10.00

(former SECRETARY OF STATE in the Clinton Administration)
*this is 100% percent authentic


"THE INTERROGATION OF Mitchell/Immanuel"


"Mouse In Sneaker"  for Fice- SLC, Ut
 "Creepy Snacks" colored pencil
 "Beer Sign" paint and chalk on red plastic, made for "Twilite Lounge"
 "What Zimmerman Did" colored pencil

 "Beach Resort"- chalk
 "Wild Elephant"- chalk
"The Lounge"- marker and oil crayon